STAR SEED x Zoe Moon x Eyezic – Falling (Eyezic Remix)

STAR SEED x Zoe Moon x Eyezic – Falling (Eyezic Remix)

Music has a special way of being an experience when you can get lost in the music. When you get to hear music that has a freshness to it, as well as creativity that makes you want to explore this beautiful world of sound that is brought to life. With this new song from STAR SEED, Zoe Moon, and Eyezic called “Falling (Eyezic Remix)” you get that and so much more.

This record embodies everything a remix should be, with major innovation in the approach to make for a must here listen. The music is layered to perfection with an ambient touch that feels like you stepped into a whole new world, that is pushed forward with electro melodies and dreamy vocals that help bring the song to life even more. Its not only masterful in its sound but the feeling and emotion the sound is able to convey as well, building just right throughout to take you on a true journey of music that by the time its done you cant wait to hear it again, to feel the magic.

Check out STAR SEED, Zoe Moon, and Eyezic “Falling (Eyezic Remix)” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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