WLLWS – Not Leaving

WLLWS – Not Leaving

Music at its best is an experience. When you can hit play and be taken away to this new world the music has brought you to. Going far beyond something just sounding nice, but taking your mind of a journey that you can’t wait to explore. That’s what you get from this new incredible release from WLLWS on the new song “Not Leaving”.

It embodies everything it is for something to be new with a fresh approach to the music that makes it stand out from everything else in a special way. The high energy Trap sound shows the power of innovation with major synths that bring the bright lights to the music, and the high powered percussion going to work, to make one major sound that makes you feel like you’re at the festival of a lifetime, on this super release that does everything right to give the world something truly must hear.

Check out WLLWS “Not Leaving” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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