Yara Liz – Feel Alright

Yara Liz – Feel Alright

Great artists have always been right on time with their message. Being able to be the voice for the people and saying everything that we are feeling in real time. Thats one of the many reasons why artist hold so much power and serve as a guide for the people. Yara Liz brings one of those records on her new song “Feel Alright”.

Its a true experience of music that takes the listener on a journey like no other to give the people something they can feel in every way. The music has a cinematic approach to the music and builds perfectly throughout, with a slow burn to start things off till it reaches its strong climatic point to paint a picture that is perfect with the visuals. It not only shines in the sound but vocally its brilliant with the soul and emotion in the vocals, bringing the relatable content in the writing to life, to make a song that not only sounds good, but gives you an intimate experience of music you feel for every second to show the connection music can make when an artist doesn’t get stuck in any trends, but gives the listener that more we all need.

Check out Yara Liz “Feel Alright” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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