Soulecta x Hari – Real Love

Soulecta x Hari – Real Love

Music is such a magical experience when it feels good to hear. When you can hit play on a song and just get wrapped up in the upbeat feel of the music, that does wonders to the soul to not only make you feel better, but also want to dance. A song you can dance to is definitely a song you can get lost in, and its hard not to get lost in the sound of Soulecta on his new song “Real Love” featuring Hari.

The music has a brilliant House feel that is laced with danceable grooves to make you want to move as soon as you hit play. Bringing something familiar yet so fresh to the UKG sound, to make music that brings the party right to the listener. The vocals courtesy of Hari is a match made in heaven with Soulecta’s sound with the soul in her tone, as well as commanding presence taking things to a righteous level, to make a song that feels so good to hear you’re grateful you crossed path with this ultimate jam.

Check out Soulecta featuring Hari “Real Love” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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