Saquaè – 100000x (Distant Lover)

Saquaè – 100000x (Distant Lover)

Rappers have long been able to connect with the people when the listener can feel the artist’s cool. When they let their presence shine in a real way, to a point you buy into their artistry and just vibe to the music that is presented. When an artist just has that feel to them it hard not to be a fan and Saquaè brings that one his new song “10000X (Distant Lover)”.

A super smooth record that has a nice throwback feel to make fans of us all. The production taps into a classic sound that is reminiscent of Bad Boy hits from the 90’s, with great sample work and percussion working together to make a dope sound. Saquaè’s flow shines in how effortlessly it delivers the lyrics with major bravado to make you feel his presence, as his pen shines in its story telling to the point you can see it all unfold in real time, due to the vividness in his detail to make one awesome record that puts it all together to make something enjoyable for the masses.

Check out Saquaè “10000X (Distant Lover)” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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