SanTiza – No Hablo Chino

SanTiza – No Hablo Chino

If there is any one genre that has a hold on the world right now its Latin music. An infectious style of music that has the world on notice with its pumping rhythms and grooves, as well as styles that all breath fresh life into the culture, while we get music that we can dance to. SanTiza is a shining representation of all the genre has to offer, with the must hear song “No Nablo Chino”.

An edgy Reggaeton record filled with catchy lyrics, and fun vocals to give you something major. The music is layered to perfection and packed with great creativity with each element working to the fullest to set a brilliant tone for the artistry. The sultry touch to the vocals melts you and serves as the perfect guide for this party brought to life as you dive into the writing, and leave your problems at the door with the music sounding like the party of a lifetime that you’re glad to have found, and can wait to enjoy it again from this record with unlimited replay value.

Check out SanTiza “No Hablo Chino” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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