Robby Hurricane – We Got The Beat

Robby Hurricane – We Got The Beat

For artists there’s always pressure to deliver. Bringing your sound to the world for them to pick apart. The only thing that makes it tougher is covering classic music. Those releases that are held in high regard and now have to not only get people to like you, but also do the song you’re covering to a high enough level that people can enjoy your interpretation enough, without comparing it too much to the original. Robby Hurricane rises to the occasion in a real with their cover of The Go Go’s “We Got The Beat”.

They do a superb job of bringing the energy of the original, while also bringing new edge to it to make it sound like the action packed edition of this classic release. The hard driving guitar pushes things forward majorly, with the incredible percussion that makes the sound more full, while the fresh life in the vocals being so commanding in their presence, its impossible to ignore. It gives you an exciting experience of music to be apart of, especially in the guitar solo that takes things over the top to make it a record that reminds you of how much you like the original, while loving the fresh approach they bring to make fans of us all.

Check out Robby Hurricane “We Got The Beat” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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