R3IXY – Get Into The Groove

R3IXY – Get Into The Groove

Music is something people go to not only to hear something good but to truly be entertained. Being able to come to a record and be able to feel the fresh life from it just from hitting play. That type of exciting experience of music can make a fan out of anyone who listens and when you hear R3IXY new song “Get Into The Groove” you know you are listening to something special.

This stand out record marvels in a way most songs can’t with a hard edge to the music that straps you in and brings you into its world. The driving percussion hits it mark with hard kicks and snares that really pack a punch and a match made in heaven, with the Dubstep/ Trap melodies that build majorly throughout, to keep us all on the edge of our seat. With each passing second the music builds majorly to give a true journey of audio with the high energy approach working wonders to get us invested to the high octane approach, while also showing how much innovation is still left in music.

Check out R3IXY “Get Into The Groove” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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