Rock is a genre that is at its best when it has a big time approach. When you all of the elements work together to make one big time major sound, that blares out your speakers and get you wrapped up in the experience of it all. That big time sound is what grabs you on the new Matt Tuck Rework of Pendulum’s “HALO”.

As soon as you hit play the high energy Rock sound with a strong electro touch sets the ultimate tone, feeling like you’ve just strapped into a rollercoaster, and taking on every dip and turn the music takes you on. The in your face energy in the vocals rise to the occasion, and shines in its commanding energy, with a raw tone that breathes even more life into the music, to make sure every part of this record is impossible to ignore for music fans everywhere, to see the brilliance of a daring sound,

Check out Pendulum “HALO (MATT TUCK REWORK)” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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