KANWAL – Tuggin’ Me Back

KANWAL – Tuggin’ Me Back

A lot can go into what makes you feel a song, but one element that always has a way of connecting is Funk. That special thing that you hear and you instantly get invested in the music because you can feel it to the point, it takes over your mind and body to give your full focus to the music. Especially with an artist like KANWAL who brings his Rage Funk sound to the world on his new song “Tuggin’ Me Back”.

On the surface you get an ultra infectious Pop jam with great Funk to it but the more explore it, you get to really dive into everything the music has to offer. It shines in many ways especially the writing that takes on intense emotions and conforming to social expectations with the relatability in the lyrics, having that special touch to make you connect to the music on a higher level. The vocals delivers with masterful appeal and flavor to match the incredible sound and gives you the perfect storm of artistry, that breathes fresh life into Pop music while also giving you something packed with substance and creativity to make for a true masterpiece.

Check out KANWAL “Tuggin’ Me Back” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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