J Cru x Glonky – Post Nut Clarity

J Cru x Glonky – Post Nut Clarity

Music can be alot of things. Of course with it being such a wide ranging art that can take the listener anywhere, the possibilities are truly endless. With all the things music can be especially in Hip Hop, a song that always stands out is a song that is just as much fun as it is relatable. Those records that grab you because of the engaging content. That’s what you get from J Cru and Glonky on the new song “Post Nut Clarity”.

As soon as you see the title it has your attention and makes you want to see what the music has to offer. When you hit play you get to enjoy the fun in the music. The production has a great Rap sound with nice commercial touch to give it that appeal to go far and sets a grand tone for what comes to life. The writing is one of this record’s greatest assets with great funny story telling in the verses that is delivered by a great melodic flow, that serves up the chorus righteously to make you want to learn the words and keep coming back for the engaging experience of music, that encompasses the fun music can offer.

Check out J Cru and Glonky “Post Nut Clarity” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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