Golden – Roses

Golden – Roses

Music has served many purposes including helping us get by. Connecting with people in a real way, as we all have hard times and music being that special thing that helps get us through, as well as serve as an outlet for the creative behind the music to make a truly timeless connection. That incredible sound is what you get from Golden on the record “Roses”.

Each element does it part to make for one work of art that you feel to the core. The production brings a upbeat Pop sound filled with a nice funky touch to it, that sets a strong tone and gives it that major digestibility. With the music flowing you get to feel the passion in the vocals that give their all to the listener to make you feel everything that much more, as the gems in the writing shines to the fullest especially in the big time chorus, to give us all that extra push we need to keep going when we need to hear it most from this record that has so much to offer the world.

Check out Golden “Roses” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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