5etra – Inside My Head

5etra – Inside My Head

One of music’s super powers is its ability to connect with the people. Being able to say what people are feeling to the point, it feels divine that you and the song found each other. You can only get that when an artist is bold enough to put their truth into their music, to make a true connection with the listener that will forever hold true. Thats what you get from 5etra on the new song “Inside My Head”.

A beautiful emotive Pop sound that the listener can feel on every level. It shines in its creativity with an original electro commercial feel with a nice funky bass line underneath to push things forward in a real way. As the music flows so does 5etra’s vocals that are sweet in their tone, and conveys emotion at a high level, while the writing shines in its substance as well as its relatability to make for an experience of music, that packs appeal and truly gives you everything you could ask for in a record.

Check out 5etra “Inside My Head” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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