Dev, TheMusicMan – George J. Jetson

Dev, TheMusicMan – George J. Jetson

Fridays are all about giving you the best of the best out there, and what’s better than an artist being true to them. What’s better than an artist making their own lane in music instead of following the wave. Dev, TheMusicMan defines excellence and creates his own wave, that he rides like a pro surfer on his new song “George J. Jetson”.

The production provides a slick sound full of knock you can feel that Dev uses to create a masterpiece. His lyrical approach is filled with super dope lines filled with bravado, to make you buy into the artistry and is flow shines to the fullest delivering with the ultimate confidence and conviction to make him impossible to ignore.

This is that stand out music from a stand out artist you need to become a fan of. He is able to provide an organic experience packed with flavor, that you can just throw your headphones on for and just vibe. The charisma on the mic is infectious and a thing of stars, while the lyrics are wavy enough for you to hear them hitting the shore.

Check out Dev, TheMusicMan “George J. Jetson” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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