Fina – Bebesota

Fina – Bebesota

Its always exciting to hear a song from an artist that feels like a star. When you are able to hit play on the music and feeling the big time energy in their presence, to the point you can’t deny that you are hearing someone truly remarkable. An artist who has that type of presence is Fina with her latest release “Bebesota” being the ultimate statement of a record.

As soon as you hit play you get swept up in the infectious Reggaeton sound that packs worldwide appeal, to make a song that sounds like it was meant for the masses to hear. Fina does a grand job of shining through it all with incredible charisma in her approach, that sounds good and feels good to hear, to make sure it brings fresh life to the writing that shines in articulation to make one major release, that is as hot as the season to make for a major record you can’t help but enjoy.

Check out Fina “Bebesota” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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