Christopha – Eyes Wide Open

Christopha – Eyes Wide Open

Music is a competitive game like no other, especially in the genre of Hip Hop where there’s no shortage of people kicking a rhyme. To stand out as well as rise you have to of course have talent, but also consistent quality. Steady releases that shine every time to the point know they can come to your music to hear great quality every time. Christopha is an artist who is not only consistent in his releases but his quality as well with his new release “Eyes Wide Open” continuing his streak of must hear music.

One of Christopha’s greatest assets is his presence on the mic. Being able to convey the strength in his flow that makes you pay attention, as well as buy into the artistry that is sharper than ever. He’s lyrical next level being super charged in his approach, and coming through in the music with his impressive pen having line that stand out in its dopeness, as well as its relatability to show the magic that happens when an emcee throws on a beat and truly goes to make a record that shines to the fullest.

Check out Christopha “Eyes Wide Open” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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