The Martyr – Mouthful of Blood

The Martyr – Mouthful of Blood

Music is truly an experience when you can get lost in it. Those songs you hear that create a world around you while you explore this new fresh sound presented. That type of music will make a fan out of anyone, with a sound that will keep you coming back to enjoy the new life in the music, and The Martyr will make a fan out of everyone with his new song “Mouthful of Blood”.

A dark alt pop jam that shines its creativity and raw emotion in the vocals to make for a super experience of music. One of the greatest things about the music is the daring creativity to it, with a retro touch to the sound that stands out from everything else while still packing mass appeal. As you get into the music you get to really dive into the thrilling song writing taking on betrayal and anxiety, in a real way while still being digestible for the world to take in and enjoy to make one smash of a record.

Check out The Martyr “Mouthful of Blood” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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