STAR SEED x Meggie York – Circles

STAR SEED x Meggie York – Circles

Music is at its best when its an experience. When you can hit play on a song and instantly it takes you away to a new world, that you didn’t know about yet everywhere you can hope to be, because of the magic of it all. That’s the creativity that shines through on the collaboration from STAR SEED and Meggie York called “Circles”.

The innovation in the sound is one of this record’s greatest assets, with the electro pop approach to the music giving you a sound you can explore, with the dreamy touch to the sound doing wonders to the soul. As the music flows through you so does the vocals that bring commanding energy to it, delivering with the right amount of intensity in the tone, to bring even more excitement to this incredible record that shows how fun is to hear something big time.

Check out STAR SEED and Meggie York “Circles” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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