Milenka Aguilar – Quiero todo contigo

Milenka Aguilar – Quiero todo contigo

A song standing out in its quality of sound, always is great to hear but its even better when the music makes you want to move. Getting to hit play on a song that every element works in divine timing to have an effect on the people, to the point they have to express themselves physically, and get lost in the music. That’s what you get from Milenka Aguilar on her new song “Quiero todo contigo”.

A smooth Latin record that brings everything you love from Pop and Salsa to make one must hear piece of work. The sound is layered to perfection with beautiful melodies and infectious rhythms, taking you away as Milenka sweet sultry takes over to make you feel the care in the music. Her mastery in her tone makes the writing felt just as much as heard, to make everything digestible for the masses to enjoy for every second.

If you’re looking for the perfect song to dance the night away this one that will get the job done, with the care in the music shining through, to make audio magic like no other.

Check out Milenka Aguilar “Quiero todo contigo” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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