Ainjo – Cotton Candy

Ainjo – Cotton Candy

When music has that right soul to it, there’s nothing like it. When you get to feel the music to the point you get fully invested in it, to the point you’re lost in the experience of it all. That is one of the reasons soul music works no matter the climate, and Ainjo has that type of music for the world to enjoy on the new song “Cotton Candy”.

A sweet record that lives up the title in a major way for us to all eat up and enjoy. The smoothness in the sound works wonders and catches you immediately, with each groove feeling as good as the next to set the ultimate tone for what Ainjo brings to life. Flowing in perfect harmony with the music, vocally its equally impressive and shines in its warm tone that makes you fall in love with the writing, to make a record that one listen will never be enough for.

Check out Ainjo “Cotton Candy” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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