Aiida – Stupid Perfect

Aiida – Stupid Perfect

Music can connect for many reasons, especially when its fun to hear. When the mega appeal in the approach that shines to the fullest, as you hear it and know its a record meant for the world to enjoy. That fresh energy always makes for a smash, and Aiida does that on her exciting release “Stupid Perfect”.

A fun catchy song filled with fresh life that makes you for an incredible experience of music to be apart of. As soon as you hit play you feel the fun in the music with infectious energy in the music and energetic vocals, that makes you buy into the artistry in a real way, while enjoying the catchy creative lyrics so much you will want to learn the lyrics right away, and by the time its done you surely will. If you’re looking for a record that will brighten up any day, this is one song you will want to hit play on now!

Check out Aiida “Stupid Perfect” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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