Rogue VHS – 7emptation

Rogue VHS – 7emptation

Music is that thing that makes the world move. In any climate it’s always the right music that makes the world shake and keeps everything rocking. The music that does that the most is that music with the right bounce to it. The music that keeps your head nodding and jamming. Rogue VHS has that bounce with on their song “7emptation”.

They fire on all cylinders to show you just how talented they are to make true fans of us all. The music is instantly engaging with a strong Trap/ EDM sound that knocks for every second as your hear the electro elements and percussion working together in perfect harmony to make one cohesive smash. The music flows to perfection and takes the listeners on a ride with masterful transitions, throughout to keep you invested on this jam that has something exciting for music lovers everywhere.

Check out Rogue VHS “7emptation” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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