Lost Hearts – Night to Remember

Lost Hearts – Night to Remember

Music is fun when it takes you on a journey. That music that builds just right to give you an adventurous experience of music to get lost in. When you get a song that us big time in it’s approach it allows you to just be a fan of the work of you’re hearing, and Lost Hearts brings you a sound beyond subjectivity with the new song “Night to Remember”.

A big time major Pop Rock sound that will blow you away to make you an instant fan. The song does an amazing job of bringing the big time energy of Rock with a commanding touch that cant be denied, while still packing major commercial appeal to make it digestible for the masses. The vocals have great presence with a nice raw tone, that makes you feel the music as it builds to ultimate music climax that is out of this world and will keep you coming back for more, for this supreme smash.

Check out Lost Hearts “Night to Remember” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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