Jillian Steele – Drop Me Off

Jillian Steele – Drop Me Off

Now more than ever people are looking for emotionally charged music that they connect to. Music that does more for them that just give them a nice sound, but a true intimate experience of music that they can feel in their core as something real. On this new release from Jillian Steele called “Drop Me Off” you get that and so much more.

A emotive sound full of appeal that makes for a powerful display of music. The production is brilliant at establishing a tone you can feel that slows down time, as you feel the music taking over you to get you invested in the experience. As the music builds the warm tone to vocals that have the right touch of soul to them shines through in the verses and commands all of your attention in chorus, to bring that extra level of emotion to make the writing come to life to make every intricacy of the record stand out in its entirety.

Check out Jillian Steele “Drop Me Off” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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