India Thierot – Never More

India Thierot – Never More

Music has a way of connecting with you when it’s real. When you can hit play on the music and let it take over as you make a true connection with the listener, that goes beyond just a great sound but an emotive connection you feel in your spirit. That type of music is always timeless and India Thierot’s song “Never More” is one of those records.

India brings together an indie pop sound full of emotion and brilliant writing to make one major record. The song excels musically with a smoothness to the music that melts you every second it brings us, to get us fully invested. As the music flows you get to really get swept up in the waves of the vocals, that is masterful in its tone to make you feel every word and delivers the writing to the fullest that really stands out in the chorus to give you a song full of replay value.

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