Daniel McMillan Featuring Kasper Juul – Drag Me Down

Daniel McMillan Featuring Kasper Juul – Drag Me Down

The most selfless type of music is that music that makes the people feel good. That music that you hear and the main purpose of it, is to make something enjoyable for the people to vibe out to. Those type of songs are what people crave, after a long day or for a great time to get away from reality for some time. That’s what you get and will love from Daniel McMillan featuring Kasper Juul called “Drag Me Down”.

They come together to brings a feel good sound that does wonders to the spirit on this fun upbeat record. The music blends genres perfectly to deliver a sound that’s mixed with Pop and Country to make one enjoyable cohesive sound. It delivers vocally with an amazing tone with a nice twang to it, that’s infectious and makes you want to move, for every second of music while you take in the positive affirmations to keep you going when you need it most.

Check out Daniel McMillan featuring Kasper Juul “Drag Me Down” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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