Cadáze – Cash App

Cadáze – Cash App

Everyone enjoys a song that has that magic. A record that you can hit play on and feel the blissful energy of the record resonate in a real way. Its those records that bring us together in this subjective art, as we all may have a preference but we all love to feel good, and you cant help but feel good listening to this new record from Cadáze called “Cash App”.

An infectious Afropop sound that truly comes to life for something fresh. The fun in the music does wonders to the soul, with the bright vibrant energy doings its work to provide one major sound. Providing all the vibes in the sound, her charismatic approach to the vocals makes everything that much more enjoyable, as she sounds so full of life to deliver the braggadocios lyrics to make us all feel the care put into the music, to make for one stand out body of work.

Check out Cadáze “Cash App” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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