Bridey – 7-Eleven

Bridey – 7-Eleven

Music has a lot of power. So many different things it can do, including being a getaway for the listener. Hearing that right tune that feels good to the spirit and makes all your problems go away for every second you get to hear. That type of music always lasts the times with the listener and this record “7-Eleven” from Bridey surely will.

Bridey brings an upbeat indie pop sound smash to the world on their new song “7-Eleven”. The vibrant energy of the music resonates instantly, with a sound perfect for summer, that does wonders to the spirit to make you feel the blissful vibe of it. As the music flows so does the vocals, that have the right amount of emotion, to make you connect to the music to that next level, as you take in the well crafted writing, that shines in the chorus to make a record that cant be denied.

Check out Bridey “7-Eleven” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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