Séamus – Lost My Baby

Séamus – Lost My Baby

There will forever a debate on what’s “real” music. What makes a song real is truly up to the listener, as everyone has their own criteria that makes up their own standard of authenticity, but for us real music is that music you can feel. That music that resonates with you far beyond something sounding nice, but a true connection that you feel in your spirit. That’s what shines the brightest about Séamus new song “Lost My Baby”.

An emotive Pop Rock masterpiece. The artist name alone is stands out and makes you want to hear what he has to offer, once you hit play he gives you everything. He brings a fresh approach to a Rock and Pop infused sound that’s enjoyable for every second. The music sets the tone for the writing that is amazing in its story telling, as well as being relatable to make you connect to it all even more. To bring it all to life he brings a vocal performance filled with the right amount intensity to it, that makes the experience even more real for you on this one of a kind record.

Check out Séamus “Lost My Baby” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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