Shug – Darkness

Shug – Darkness

With so much music coming out an artist just sounding good won’t cut it. There has to be something more there for people to not only connect to the music, but get invested into their work that keep coming back for more. One of the ways of doing that is making music that people can feel and Shug does a brilliant job of that on his new song “Darkness”.

He raps with so much heart and conviction that its impossible to not get engulfed in the record. It has a hard soulful sound in the production that allows you to slow down and hear everything he has to say, which is a whole lot due to his impressive lyricism that is sharp just as much as it is heartfelt, to make sure it all connects righteously. If you’re looking for a record that pours more life into the culture of Hip Hop this one record worthy of every listen.

Check out Shug “Darkness” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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