GMINI – Cintura

GMINI – Cintura

Music is becoming more overcrowded by the day. So many songs coming out daily that it makes it tough to be excited to hear new music, due to the plethora of songs that come out and really sound alike as well. There’s only one genre of music that feels like its buzzing and that is Latin music. A style of worldwide appeal that is taking over in a major. GMINI is an artist who is a shining example of the hot sound Latin music provides with his new song “Cintura”.

An infectious stand out jam that is just in time for Summer. As soon as you hit play you get swept up in the high energy Reggaeton sound, that is layered to perfection with awesome grooves that bring the party to life right before our eyes. GMINI rises to the occasion and delivers a stand out performance with incredible presence and charisma that makes you buy into the writing, to make sure you can enjoy everything this must hear record has to offer.

Check out GMINI “Cintura” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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