Noak Hellsing – When The Shadows Go Home

Noak Hellsing – When The Shadows Go Home

As an artist not only important to showcase your talent but also make music people can relate to. When you are able to take experiences in your life, and put them together in a way that not only shines musically but also something that people can feel, to make for a true experience of music. That’s what you get from Noak Hellsing on his song “When The Shadows Go Home”.

The music does a superb job of bringing you an incredible Pop sound with a funkyness to it that’s infectious, matched with strong substance in the writing you can relate to, for one must hear jam. Noak shines in his smooth vocal tone that carries the right amount of emotion, to make you feel the writing that covers the depths of loneliness and darkness in a digestible way in the verses and even more in the chorus to make one ultra jam of a record you don’t to miss out on.

Check out Noak Hellsing “When The Shadows Go Home” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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