surveyor – Dance on the Sky

surveyor – Dance on the Sky

Nothing stands out in music like a big time record. Those records that have a major sound to them to the point the music feels mega, as you get engulfed in the sure experience of music that takes form. That big time approach to the music shines bright on the new stand out release from surveyor called “Dance on the Sky”.

The title is super fitting with an out of this world sound that will keep you dancing for every second. Its filled with big time synth melodies adding that extra light to it, with an exhilarating feel to the percussion that work in perfect harmony to set an amazing tone. As the music flows so does the vocals that pack major appeal, as well as presence to make sure you feel the writing that is well crafted in the verses and even more in the chorus to make one sure fire hit the world will love.

Check out surveyor “Dance on the Sky” below and follow them in Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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