Slowe – Calibrate

Slowe – Calibrate

Music is at its best when you are able to feel the music. When it goes beyond just hearing a song you like but a song that stops time for you, as you get lost in the magic of the artistry taking form to bring fresh life to us all. That’s what you get from Slowe and so much more on the new song “Calibrate”.

As soon as you hit play you feel the creativity and soul in the music with a creative groovy sound that makes you vibe to the music instantly. With every special groove working its magic, you get to really enjoy the vocals that are sweet and warm in their tone to serve as the perfect guide for this new fresh world you want to explore. It not only impresses there but also in the perfectly crafted writing that makes this song one impossible to deny, with her signature sound standing out in its own special way to embody the freshness we all want to hear when listening to something new.

Check out Slowe “Calibrate” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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