Seyblu – Honest

Seyblu – Honest

R&B music is a genre of music that became legendary because of the way it connects to the listener. Being a style of music known for being able to emotionally connect to the listener so much you have to call it soul. That experience of music is what has this genre as well as its artists legendary and Seyblu embodies this on her new song “Honest”.

A brilliant display of music that connects to the body, mind, and spirit to give you something real you can feel. The smooth jazz and R&B infused sound slows down time to enjoy the many intricacies of this record that make it great, with pure emotion in every part of the record, and works perfectly with the writing that shines in its soulful tone to bring the writing to life this shines in its relatable substance and makes us all take a look inside, to show the true power of music and how it will forever be a guide for us in this world when we need it most.

Check out Seyblu “Honest” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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