Noriella – Revenge Mode

Noriella – Revenge Mode

Music is an art that has a way of empowering the listener like no other. Those anthems that catch you at the perfect time and say everything you need to hear to keep going. That type of music always showcases why music is such a big, as well as necessary part of our life and Noriella brings that type of music on her new empowering record “Revenge Mode”.

A post break up anthem that is all about taking charge and giving the listener something they can connect to at a high level. The music brings a strong radio ready sound to life with the digestibility in the approach making for a great listen for the masses, and Noriella shines in her presence with an unapoligetic tone to the vocals full of charisma, that makes her presence impossible to ignore, while her writing connects majorly to make a song that can’t be denied on its powerful pursuit of being a hit the world will know.

Check out Noriella “Revenge Mode” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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