Lo Artiz – the last of us

Lo Artiz – the last of us

Music is overcrowded today to the point, its hard for an artist to stand out. So many competing artists and sounds with something for everyone coming out, you have to not only think an artist’s music sounds good but also have to have something special you can feel, and Lo Artiz has that and so much more on her new song “the last of us”.

A soulful masterpiece that connects at a high level that gives us all that more we crave in music. The live soul sound does a brilliant job of making us feel the tone set, and Lo’s presence is commanding with power in her vocals that shine through. It connects in so many ways especially the creativity in her approach that separates this from all the other songs you hear, to give you something so real you can’t help but get lost in this world she creates through song to make a true musical masterpiece full of replay value.

Check out Lo Artiz “the last of us” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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