Laura von Mari – Different Road

Laura von Mari – Different Road

Now more than ever its important to not only hear an artist but feel them. Especially in todays climate where its not hard to find a song that sounds good, but it is hard to find a song that makes you feel something to your core to the point, you get fully invested in what the song has to offer. When a song is able to have that more that stands out you connect to it, and Laura von Mari has that more on her new song “Different Road”.

Its a song that is able to give you the perfect storm of a smooth feel good sound, met with heavy substance in the lyrics that make for one stand out listen. The infectious disco approach makes you fall in love with every groove the music has to offer, as you feel the need to dance for every second the vision comes to life. Laura’s vocals shine in their warm soulful tone with a performance you feel in your heart, with the relatable substance in this long distance love story making you feel the music even more, to make for an experience of music you will keep running back to for time to come.

Check out Laura von Mari “Different Road” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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