Lara Wilson – Eyes Closed

Lara Wilson – Eyes Closed

There’s no denying how much music is out there. No matter the genre there are countless records dropping daily. With as much music coming out it feels like there’s a void in R&B music. A genre known for its emotion just as much as its elegant sexiness that always connects at a high level. An artist that does a grand job of bringing fresh life into R&B music is Lara Wilson with her new song “Eyes Closed”.

A super smooth record that feels just as good as it sounds. The hard sultry tone brings the perfect vibe to slow down time for you to enjoy the music, and Lara shines in her presence with her major appeal in her vocals that melt you with its tone, which is perfect for the writing that is well crafted in the verses, and shines even more in the catchy smooth chorus that will have you wanting to learn every word. from your first listen and beyond!

Check out Lara Wilson “Eyes Closed” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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