Kdon – New Money (Remix by Great Scott)

Kdon – New Money (Remix by Great Scott)

Remixes were made to bring fresh life to a song you already love. Being able to give the music a certain feel to bring new possibilities to the sound, to make you enjoy the music even more. That type of fresh life is what Kdon brings on the new remix of “New Money” by Great Scott.

The music is filled with exciting danceable energy with the song bringing the party to the listener for every second provided. Its filled with bright lights as the electro grooves, infectious bass, and hard 808’s all working in divine timing to make one major sound that will have every dance floor packed and living life to the fullest. It not only shines in the sound but the energy of the vocals as well, that are filled with engaging charisma to make sure this an anthem, just in time for the Summer to make it even hotter for fans everywhere.

Check out Kdon “New Money (Remix by Great Scott)” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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