JEEN – Just Shadows

JEEN – Just Shadows

When hitting play on a song its always great when it wastes little time getting you invested. When you are able to hit play and get to enjoy the sure experience of music, that is exciting for every second. That’s what you get from JEEN on their new song “Just Shadows”.

A daring display of music that does everything right to make for a sure experience of music. The hard edge approach to the music brilliantly shines to set the ultimate tone, while the vocals grab you with their own unique tone to give extra personality to the music, and lets you really get to dive into the writing that covers how the dark parts of life can snuff out the light, and how we all are just trying to get through it to make relatable for the masses to feel and enjoy.

Check out JEEN “Just Shadows” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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