El Cézar – en via

El Cézar – en via

Latin music is a powerhouse of a genre present day. Far from the days of playing second to other genres, it is now one of the hottest sounds to hear, with the world enjoying the infectious energy of the approach to music. El Cézar is an artist who is a shining example of why it is so must hear with his new song “en via”.

A super smooth Reggaeton jam that you feel in your spirit as something good. The song is layered in amazing grooves that feel just as good as the next to keep us dancing for every second the music provides. El Cézar shines in his presence with soft slick vocals that are perfect to deliver the writing that are masterful in their story telling as you enjoy the sound, just as much as it makes you feel on this stand out body of work that puts it all together to make a summer anthem that is worth every listen.

Check out El Cézar “en via” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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