Display Candle – Losing My Mind For You

Display Candle – Losing My Mind For You

Summer is in full swing and people are looking for music that is as hot as the season. Those records that serve as the perfect soundtrack to out most festive times, as we all looking for music that we can dance to. Display Candle brings a stand out record that you will get lost in as you dance the night away on the new song “Losing My Mind For You”.

The record is able to showcase their supreme talent in a real way, while also making music that does wonders for the listener. The house influence to the music sets an engaging tone for us to get invested in the music, with the layers working in perfect harmony to make one major sound for the world. To match the sound you get smooth vocals that are a match made in heaven with the music, to make you feel the love in the writing to make this full vision of artistry complete, as we all become fans of this experience of music that will have us coming back for more.

Check out Display Candle “Losing My Mind For You” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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