Christopha – Free Form

Christopha – Free Form

There’s always something special about a Hip Hop artist who has soul. Who’s able to put the real in their music to the point you feel it all so righteously, as their vision and artistry comes to life to make a connection with the listener like no other. An artist who always has that is Christopha and his new release “Free Form” is a truly a masterpiece.

The Jazz/ Hip Hop infused sound brings that extra soul to the music with smooth grooves that takes you back to the 90’s when these two genres were put together the best. Christopha is poetic in his approach in his rhyming and lyricism as he effortlessly paints a picture with his pen, to make a song you can get lost in, while his incredible flow filled with heart makes you feel the song on a body and soul level to shine as the ultimate testament of his immense talent in its finest hour.

Check out Christopha “Free Form” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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