One of the most exciting things as a music journalist is getting to cover artists who you are a genuine fan of. Those special creatives that feel good to hear and remind you of why you fell in love with music in the first place. An artist that does that for us is KARRAHBOOO and with her latest release “Off The Dome” you will understand why she is must hear.

She brings so much poise and charisma in her approach that’s infectious makes you really buy into, her star persona that shines bright. Her lyrics are witty, fun, and have a nice dash of bravado that makes you slow down to take in the work that comes to life. She not only impresses lyrically but her flow is one of her greatest assets, with cool to it that’s admirable while also rapping with a lot of heart that makes you connect to not only the dopeness in the record, but the person behind it as well.

You can check out her latest release below, as well the visuals for her hot freestyle that is worth checking out for music lovers everywhere. Stay Global my Friends!

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