Airyen Vay – Another Woman

Airyen Vay – Another Woman

An artist’s time with the listener is truly precious. Its that point in time where the artist has the listener’s full attention, and can leave them with anything that they choose. It can be just a song with a vibe, or something catchy, but its something truly remarkable when the artist pours into the listener to help get them through. That’s what Airyen Vay does on her new empowering anthem “Another Woman”.

A big time record with a bigger message for women all over the world. The music captures a big time cinematic approach, that sets the ultimate tone for you to be invested and engaged in the artistry that comes to life. Airyen is able to rise to the big sound with a bigger vocal performance that brings the right amount of emotion and intensity in every turn, to make you feel the writing righteously that shines from the gems put in it, on this masterful display of music.

Everything that makes a song stick with you, as well as an artist is what is delivered on Airyen Vay’s “Another Woman”. Its a powerful record that is commanding in its presence, and gives the listener that more that music is legendary for, to give women everywhere something to be proud of.

Check out Airyen Vay “Another Woman” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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