Willah – CDs

Willah – CDs

Music at its best is an experience. That thing you can hit play on, close your eyes, and go on the journey the sounds work together to create. Those type of songs always keep you coming back for more, as you catch yourself running back to the world created, and thats what you get from Willah on the new song “CDs”.

Its a record that embodies everything a new song should be with a freshness in the approach that feels good to hear. The dreamy approach to the music makes you get lost in the sound instantly, with a nice breakbeat approach to the percussion, that adds extra grooves to make the music that much more infectious. For this creative style you get a vocal performance that is a match made in heaven with the sound, to give the right amount of life to the vocals that takes this special release over the top for music fans everywhere.

This new release from Willah is a sure experience of music that shows the power of an original creative sound. It shines from the aveage release present day, with its own fresh approach that you can only get from this special creative, to make sure we keep coming back to catch the magic of this must hear record.

Check out Willah “CDs” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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