plainfacedgirl – MOTO LOVE

plainfacedgirl – MOTO LOVE

One of the most exciting things in music is being able to hear a fresh sound. Not only fresh but original as you hear the artists embody everything it is to be a artist, as they paint a picture with their words and sounds for us all to take a major dive into. That special approach is what will make you a fan of this new release from plainfacedgirl called “MOTO LOVE”.

A release that is intriguing in every way from the artist name, song title, and once you get into the music you are really in for something special. They add their own fresh touch to the fast rising hyperpop genre bringing high energy melodies and sped up vocals that still let you enjoy the writing, on this fast paced adventure that gets better for every second it comes to life.

This new release from plainfacedgirl is a brilliant release that shines at not falling into one particular lane, but finding its own special lane and putting its foot on the gas, to make for exciting music that is able to bring this love story to life, to make true fans of us all.

Check out plainfacedgirl “MOTO LOVE” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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