Doppe & Kokke – No Lime Required

Doppe & Kokke – No Lime Required

Summer’s here! Which means more people want to hear good music and not only good music but songs they can get lost in. Those songs that make you want to dance as you feel the brightness of the season all over you. If you’re looking for one of those infectious bops Doppe & Kokke have one of those records for you with the new song “No Lime Required”.

Doppe & Kokke bring a brilliant sound to life that makes you want to move as soon as you hit play with the tropical rhythms and infectious grooves working wonders to the soul, to make you get lost in the music. It impresses vocally as well with an ambient tone to the vocals that serve as the perfect guide, for this sound full of magic that you hope never ends.

Everything that makes music an experience is what this record serves perfectly, with a supreme sound that defies subjectivity and let’s you be a genuine fan of this art that comes to life. It’s a record that feels good to hear and will surely be a record that will have the world dancing for time to come.

Check out Doppe & Kokke “No Lime Required” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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