Charmaine – Hood Rat Shit

Charmaine – Hood Rat Shit

There’s no denying how competitive the Summer is for artist and their releases. A season known for its anthems and if an artist can strike with something hot during this time, they’re surely to leave a mark that will keep people tuning in for time to come. Charmaine always has something great for us to hear and with her new release “Hood Rat Shit” she delivers a record with the perfect timing.

An exciting release for this forever growing talent who has a sound that’s ready for the world. It wastes no time getting you invested with production packed with hard drums, met with enticing piano chords that come together to make one major sound she works wonders over. Her signature style shines bright with high energy in the infectious chorus that will have the world screaming it, and stand out verses that shine in their lyrical content to make a record that gives you every reason to enjoy it.

Charmaine’s “Hood Rat Shit” is a song that shows the fun that music can possess with an exciting sound that puts more life into the culture of music in a real way. Its a grand experience of music that brings the party to you, and makes you a fan of this stand out artist who shines in every release, with this new one being some of her best.

Check out Charmaine “Hood Rat Shit” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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